Frigo trailer equipment

Each cargo requires the most suitable equipment
We like to tailor our service according to the client and the cargo. Choosing the best equipment for the shipment is a natural part of this service. The modern frigo-trailers we use minimize the risk of damage, spoilage or loss. Air suspension in the trailers guarantees a safe and gentle transportation. Your products are safe from the changes of the weather as well as from humidity thanks to the thick walls.

Transportation temperature needs to be kept just right
Different products need a different temperature during the long drive. We can offer trailers suitable for different kinds of cargo, from normal palletized goods all the way to vegetables and frozen food. The driver is able to control the transport temperature with the help of specific equipment along the way.

FNA-classified trailers are primarily meant for carrying vegetables and fruit. Transportation temperature is between +12 to 0 degrees Celsius.

FRC-classified trailers suit for many kinds of cargo. The temperature can be adjusted from +20 degrees to -20 Celsius, so these trailers are suitable also for frozen food.

Multitemperature trailers are useful, when two different transport temperatures are needed for the same journey. The trailer is divided into two different sections with a movable wall. The multitemperature trailers allow the temperature to vary from +20 degrees to -30 degrees Celsius.

Easy loading, easy unloading
Loading and unloading are an essential part of a fast transportation. To make both as smooth as possible, we provide trailers structured in different ways. Normal frigo-trailers suit for palletized goods. Loading and unloading from the back of the trailer. Full side open frigo-trailers can be opened from the side to the full length of the trailer. Easy loading and unloading of bulky products.

Lämpösäädelty sivusta lastattava perävaunu avattuna

Full side open frigo trailer opened

Lämpösäädelty sivusta lastattava perävaunu suljettuna

Full side open frigo trailer closed