Reliable sub-contractors at your service

Ibertrans works with reliable and well known sub-contractors. We have been working over 20 years with some of the drivers. We are happy to say their competence and experience always turn to your advantage.

Before new sub-contractors are chosen, the candidates are thoroughly evaluated. The equipment must be up-to-date, modern and environmentally friendly. We require the drivers to be professional and the companies they represent to be solid. This way we can ensure good service.

Experience brings confidence
We work in a narrow sector but like to be the best in it. Weekly we load 25 – 35 units for the traffic between Finland and the Iberian Peninsula. You can honestly say we are experienced. We have both the know-how and the necessary routine.

The driver is your personal courier
Our drivers know the best routes as well as the local regulations. That is why the wheels keep on running. The loading and the unloading are supervised by the same driver who does the driving, so each step of the way is well under control.