25th anniversary 1992 -2017


Year 2017 is a year of celebration for Finland but also for Ibertrans. Our company has been a reliable partner for transports to and from Iberian Peninsula already for 25 years. Long term co-operation with clients and subcontractors has been solid even though the world around us is changing constantly. 25 years ago the very first invoice was typed on a paper form and drivers were calling from phone booths when the customs clearances had been done. Today goods are moving without customs clearances within EU and delivery statuses are updated via mobile net.  Invoices and information are transferred electronically.  Road taxes, EURO classifications have been introduced, quality standards as well as environmental, safety and sustainability factors are normal routines for companies of today.  But in the end, the actual transport- delivery from a place to another- has not changed but  is still done the same way as it was in the beginning –  safely, door to door by reliable drivers.